Words from my inside

Words from my inside “Attitude of Gratitude”

That is why Our elders always say “Waheguru Tera Shukar Hai” (God I am thankful to you)

When we were young and students of school we were having nothing on our name But then also we were most happy because we have loving parent’s love, teacher’s learning, to be with classmates and some dreams to fulfill and marks to achieve.

Once you become professional the Work and Money replace your assignments and marks. More and More types of Responsibilities start pouring in. Once You understand the meaning of Life (whatever as per you), You will stop complaining. Gratitude will come automatically for sure.

One more thing, when you were child and you were growing – Only those who see you after a long period of time could then see the changes in you and your growth, so they admired you. Being with the ones who daily see you could not come to know the changes. And You are watching yourself daily so you do not know what ones who see you after a long could find in you.

Do not forget to say thanks to God

Thank you God 🙂 #AlwaysBlessed

Om Sai Ram 🙏