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You should Plan Accordingly
Go for The Founder Title it is like your education.
No one can snatch or steal this title even after your death & even if you have some bad days where you cannot perform good…
When you become so old by age factor that you cannot perform that good then you can hire another CEO by that time and even you can hire another Coach and all others.


Mudit Gupta

Founder, CEO & Coach – TopologyPro


P.S. – I also have many other titles mentioned in public profile on fb.

Who is Mudit Gupta


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I cried while reading his book in 2011 😭
and now seen all this practically in these 5 years

A goldsmith’s hundred , blacksmith’s one.

सौ सुनार की एक लोहार की
English Proverb in Hindi : A goldsmith’s hundred , blacksmith’s one.

No.1 – You or your parents pay for your Education. But your skills pay you.
No.2 – Skills of better educated ones are always more valuable than the skills of a less educated persons.

But here is a case study

A person I know running a dairy selling milk & milk made products in India went to a doctor and was saying to his friends that doctor looted him charging a very amount of fees to make his body upright.
Now listen what doctor says – Ask the dairy person how much cheese he gives you for Rs. 80 i.e. One fourth of a kilogram

Just because he has skills to make cheese from milk & he is able to sell, the fact that he is is very less educated could not make him remain poor.
He has Skills.

Doctor has both education which is his degree in medicine & skill to make his patients upright.
He has Skills + Education

Now 3rd one I know is a pharma company owner whose medicine was prescribed to the patient
He has Skills + Education + Money + Human Resources

Everyone has their time frame to charge accordingly. Sometimes dairy person & sometimes doctor & sometimes the pharma company. All the cheese sold in year in one go.

This is what we call in Hindi –
सौ सुनार की एक लोहार की

Hammering by Goldsmith

Hammering by Goldsmith


Hammering by Blacksmith

Hammering by Blacksmith

A goldsmith’s hundred , blacksmith’s one.


Hope you are enjoying Reading…

Always with Lots of Love

Mudit Gupta

Love for Nation 💖

With God’ Grace Now we are into many countries as as a company our self or either have our tie ups there.But don’t know why when someone asks me to pick an item from #VanitaStyle as first item of the day My vision always goes to Indian authors first. Call it my love for the nation or whatever.

You can also select your respective country of residence now. I 100% recommend this book to every aspirant. Thank you very much. 🙏🙏

Book: Awaken The Millionaire Within: 21 Powerful Money Secrets


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Awaken The Millionaire Within is a book specially written for aspiring salaried individuals. The writer, R Subramanya, has clearly described 21 time-tested principles that he teaches his students to reach

🕺 Now Lungi Dance :)

Good Evening Readers !!

You must not hesitate to do Lungi dance. As per me its the best traditional dance common in South India & confirmed as I have been there many times and stayed there months together for projects.

Why to go abroad for examples… Do Ramdev babaji ever shy showing slim tummy when coaching yoga & promote Patanjali? And Why wait to become big enough to afford Khan’s or Rajni Kant etc for ads ?

None can do better modelling for your own brands than you yourself. Really I am myself Planning for #LungiDance 😊 Any damn dance for #TopologyPro 👍 #OnMarketingTeamDemands


With Lots of Love from
Mudit Gupta


P.S. – In case you are not aware of Lungi Dance yet please follow this Link to Listen the Song on YouTube – https://shotu.me/ex

More Plants & Google Lens

Welcoming Some More Plants this week to my place …

From around 10-12 Years. I do not have any interest in Non Veg or Alcoholic Drinks, Same money I use for Getting Plants. If you Like you can also try.

No worries even if you do not know much today. You should have interest in Nature.

Also you can see if you do not know more about plant’s name then how you can see the name of any plant using Google Lens.(refer to 3rd picture)


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Cheers to 5 Years! 🎂

Today on this 23rd July! We Completed 5 Years of #TopologyPro officially 😊Today on this 23rd July! Thanks to God, Thanks to My Family & Friends, Thanks to my wife Vanita Gupta Thanks to My Parents. Thanks to my brothers & sisters. Thanks to my daughter. Thanks to my In Laws. Thanks to my team members, Thanks to my Partners, Thanks to my clients. Thanks to my vendors. Thanks to my advertisers. Thanks to Facebook Darling, Thanks to my Previous companies, managers & colleagues. Thanks to locations providers. Thanks to Amma. Thanks to my banks & Financers. Thanks to all Nations & their Governments.Thanks to my all Internet Providers. Thanks to my all associates. Thanks to readers on my blogs. Thanks to my Motivators. Thanks to my Astrologers.
Thanks to everyone who have participated in my life in these 5 years & that of #TopologyPro. It has always been so easy with all of you’s contribution. Thanks to Everyone. 🙏







Story of Lalas(Hindi)


स्टोरी ऑफ़ Lalas(Businessmen)…

पहले लाले कम पढ़े लिखे थे
बेचारों को पढ़े लिखे ना होने की वजह से बहुत मार पड़ती थी

दूसरे लाले पढ़ लिख गए
मार कम हुई पर पढ़े लिखे के साथ हंडे हुओं से मार पड़ती थी

तीसरे लाले पढ़े भी और हंडे भी
मार ना पड़ने से बहुत आराम था

चौथे लाले पढ़े भी, हंडे भी, कुरे भी , ज़लील भी हुए , पके भी वगैरा वगैरा
और कई अपने से भी बढ़िया देश विदेश से अपने साथ कर लिए
अब वो अक्सर चैन से जीते हैं 🙏

Moral of the Story : Lalas should keep moving!