Clients of IT Companies

Clients of IT Companies

Client is like the most beautiful girl in the degree class…

She agrees only when you are the most intelligent guy

& could share your notes or knowledge with her

so that she also ranks good …


Sincerely for my readers

Have a best of sales  this month end  !

with best wishes for Success !!

Mudiit 🙂

Sales funda No #9 – Love and Respect your Client – They will never leave you alone !!!

Congratulations US !!

Many Congratulations to Donald J. Trump for Victory !!
One other insight …
But Trump’s effort required will be lesser than NaMo(Narendra Modi ji) for their respective visions.
Because Trump has to make America from V. Good to Great 
but NaMo started for India from Good towards Great !!
India seems much better now in that direction 🙂
Fingers Crossed for US also !!
Written this post,  just for my love towards my readers 🙂
But if you like my posts then do comment “Good to Great” … will be more than happy to see !!
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Mudit Gupta

Say Yes we are – Startups !

If we want to grow we must first believe that we are born and just born, One few years ago effort in establishing a company is a startup only. The mistake that can be avoided by just first strategically thinking that “Yes we are – Startups !” again Say Yes we are – Startups !

Make a Google search with a keyword { startup help } and you find a lot. But the thing is this keyword will more easily come in mind when we believe that we are a startup.

Ample resources will come as a search result showing you the best helping you to be a startup. As per me – In India the best result on this page will be . Indian Government is doing wonders and it is open to all !

I have posted this post in my blog so that my other brothers and sisters searching for help in their startup journey can get advantage.


Sincerely Yours !

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