Making Better

My number 1 target for my family & business was to make my wife independent so that she do not always look at my half filled pockets, because I too depend on number of circumstances being developing my business as I never delayed any vendor’s or individual’s payment. I always keep my books as clean as possible. Question was that why not to give her control directly where she could earn for herself

But now since the purpose of making her independent was solved by gifting her a store on her birthday 29 Nov 2021. People gift big helicoptors but I just wanted to solve the problem.

Store helped us in many ways…
1. My wife has got trained in these 9-10 months and we both got to learn a lot.
2. If anytime in future we need immigration we will have a skill to run a store even in US.
3. Extra income by which we can do better for our other businesses

Now is the turn to make the business a better one.

So we have committed to be always in Quality of everything in which we deal and in our control, by following all the best possible ways.

Blessed by Lord Ganesh 🙏
& Named as Gajann 🙏
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Sentiments Matter

I am Thankful to New Apollo Pharmacy near our home in our colony which opens at 7 AM in Morning. (fyi… Apollo Pharmacy Limited is Chennai based company and serving in Punjab also)

I was suffering from severe cold in the night and the other medical shops were not open. I needed a inhaler and Vicks vaporrub for myself.

Moreover what one can expect from the local branded medical shops who opens after 10AM because the owners themselves are lazy person. They do it more for money and less for giving service.

My angry voice is on those local medical store owners who do not do much and still charging the same from a patient and still not humble. The illness of a person gets well quickly when humbly the staff of Apollo pharmacy deals you when you shop from them.

This tells that they have really invested good in training their staff which is returning them in the form of their good will profits.

This makes a lot of difference and I always come to know where I can also improve my own companies services in the sectors we deal.

Sentiments matter. Blessed. Om Sai Ram

Are you updating your CV?

Benefits of keeping your CV updated even while you run startups

In the 8 years of my startup, 100s of small & big companies have sent me job descriptions to apply for job through Monster, Naukri, Indeed BUT you know what I did?

I made a format to reply them back to give me work not as an employee but as a vendor/associate and it has worked at least once a year 🙂 when it is read by any HR with a good heart, mostly who himself gone through a similar situation!

Some discussed about few CRs in their website, some offered me something to sell for them and more of this sort

This has also helped me a lot many times
Seriously it is not just the employment by which you can make contributions, but needs a sincerity inside

Om Sai Ram

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Early Morning

During the years to establish TopologyPro

I have been travelling to many schools & colleges to introduce our software solutions.
Mostly In the Govt. Schools it is boldly written “Work is Worship”.

Thinking about work the very first thing comes to my mind is “Karma”
And second thing comes to my mind is
“But what we need to do ?”
to worship the work

From there finally one thing comes that To Worship Work
“We should do something – In the Early Morning”
Like started for early morning calls with my Partners & colleagues and allot the work and tasks to all in the early morning itself….

Have a Happy and Blessed Start of the Working Week !!
Monday once Again : )

New Week has Started with all the New Possibilities

Om Sai Ram

Forbes & Responsibility

These days top ones in the forbes lists are promoted in many advertisements to get attention. And millions of people are becoming aspirants to be in the forbes lists

Start from wherever you Like but rise each day…

Do not dare to be as Rich as Bill Gates only.
Dare to be Like Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos also and do all the good which is done by Forbes 500 List.

If you think Indians are not getting in the list then see to Sharma Ji is also in the queue

Because it is now easy as their stories are already online and but do it bit faster as no one is here on this planet is 150 Years Old
Do your Karma and do not worry about the results.

But do not forget to pray God each day
He alone can give you Good Rebirth even if you miss this time and do not opt for Salvation

Whatever… Only reading posts will not do the work! Be Action Oriented.

But One Thing I will tell you…
In their real life no one is more peaceful and know they are saturated at some point even at so high.

If you dare to do so, then no matter you can reach even above them in the list…

I will tell you…
Many of the sales candidates who approach me have the aspirations to reach Forbes list and when I ask them will you take me also in that list then they are silent for next 5 minutes.

So it is up to you… If you still dare take the Responsibility.

Please God Bless us All
Om Sai Ram 🙏

I hope you enjoy reading
Mudiit Gupta

Some one asked me that how honest is my dad?

Some one asked me that how honest is my dad?

I said he has retired as a Big Gazetted officer & we are running our store which is a rented place, my Jaipur office place is owned by a close friend of mine.

I often donate money but I do not waste a penny and saving money to buy a office for me and as of now I myself run my office from our home( which is the only asset my dad owns for which came to his part from his parental property as our grandfather was a businessman too)

All is what my father has he invested in our education so I decided not to have more than one child as seeing he was most of the time broke as we were 3 of his kids.

All the wealth I have is education from university, some courses from IITs and IIMs, my experience, my skills, my family, my friends, my reputation which is trusted in many countries abroad.

My American Business LLC is with my Brother (and his family) who is also a computer engineer and consultant too getting big perks and I share 30% with them of LLC. He got lucky enough to get married with Amritsari Girl with American Citizenship.

Same I did my with Vanitaa (my wife) she owns 30% of the company in India and now I am happy that she is working woman capable to run her own expenses from Gajann Store.

And now a new skill to grow money by Cryptos also with me.

I am Mudiit… know value of Money!

My Ultimate Goal is work till I can afford a World Class CEO of more capable than me and then enjoy my life in peace thereafter in Switzerland.

(Photo our new home in USA buyed by my brother,
always a portion for me there too 🙂 )

Om Sai Ram 🙏
Mudiit Gupta