Nothing is Free for me

Actually some people have false belief that an Educated Engineer person eats of Free…. I will tell you Boss –>
The labor he and his family was doing while he was doing engineering while you started to earn only after your +2
Nothing is absolutely Free…
Someone or the other is paying for it.
You got married when he was not able to get time to afford a girl friend…
You got business of your Dad when he was just travelling miles for a single Job
You Got cooked food at home when he was searching for food after 2PM after office
You were enjoying cricket matches when he was waiting for 8 Hrs for his first International Flight for official work
You were enjoying enjoying airtel & vodafone roaming when he was working for their projects
You were driving your cars when he was travelling in metros of other countries to meet the deadlines
You were having tight sleeps when he was taking naps on his office seats…
There are N number of instances… You dont have that much of time!
Dont Ask me! Ask Yourself
Nothing is Free for me I have already paid huge prices…

550th Birth Anniversary Baba Nanak


I know am a human and so a sinner due to my feelings & all sort of worldly thoughts But Sometimes I think in many ways i am somewhat related to Baba Nanak

Reason No. 1) Our Ancestors Day (Kul Devi Day) is celebrated every year on Guru Nanak Dev Ji Birthday
Reason No. 2) I am an Engineer/student (engineering graduate 1999-2003 Batch) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s University
Reason No. 3) My madam also basically from same town Batala where Baba Nanak’s marriage was held and her parent’s old home very near to Kandh Sahib Gurdwara

Exactly it is on 12th November this Year & celebrations have already started long ago!!!

Rest He must know…


Warm Regards

Mudit Gupta