Happy Dhanteras

May Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi bless us All 🙏

It is said that Goddess Maha Lakshmi had to work for 12 years as a servant in a farmer’s home because she disobeyed God Vishnu and ate her favorite Sugarcane from a farmer’s land without the permission of that farmer. So as her punishment God Vishnu asked her to stay in the farmer’s home as his servant for 12 years. And when Maha Lakshmi completed 12 years by then farmer became a very wealthy person, he was not releasing Maha Lakshmi even to her husband God Vishnu and said that he took care of her as if she was his daughter.

So while she was to go back to God Vishnu, Maha Lakshmi told him to celebrate and pray to Lord Kuber 🙏 and Lakshmi 🙏 on this day, if he still wanted remain prosperous.

Happy Dhanteras

Om Sai Ram 🙏

I hope you liked this story Regards

Mudiit Gupta