How to stay happy in 2021 ?

In Order to be Happy 🙂

You need to have goals in order to be happy & Goals are of 3 categories
(as mention in the photo)


(Photo : extract of a book’s page with me)

Further I add that goals can be
1. Physical Goals ( Body’ health) (Tann)
2. Mental Goals ( Mind’s health) (Mann)
3. Financial Goals ( Money’s health) (Dhann)

Year 2021 will have same number of days for all living beings

So To be Happy
1. Have Goals
2. Make Sincere Efforts
3. Achieve some of them

My Best Wishes to all for the New Year 2021..

Sincerely for my readers


My friend & his courier agency – True DTDC


One of my childhood friend who owns a DTDC & other courier agencies had an accident last month, he got severe injuries, broke his back disk & is now on bed.

Today first time I went to his home, you know why because whenever I had some documents to be delivered, he always came to our home even when we played together in childhood & now when we are grown up and we need to deliver anything anywhere – he comes to our home so I never went to his home.

He was so happy to see me at his place, I could see from his expressions.

Even on his bed at his home as he cannot walk for another 45 days. He was working with full efficiency from his bed as a desk, his most clients who know him personally are coming to his home than to go to his office.

He is the True DTDC(Desk to Desk Courier). #Hatsoff
सच्चा इस लिए क्यूंकी पहले उस के घर या ऑफिस कभी ज़रुरत ही नहीं पड़ी जाने की, फ़ोन करो और जनाब हाज़िर! (True because earlier I never felt any need to go to his home, as whenever we called he was here with us)

Hope he recovers soon… My Prayers 🙏