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Worst part of Entrepreneurship is that till your Startup becomes a Company & Till then if not billions then atleast million are not in your e wallets…. You are least respected! Already I conquered my this feeling by Joining Education Industry alongside.
Now I call all of them as hackers who don’t respect me 

It is very easy to compare yourself with others
& say few words after comparing…
Earlier I used to do that 😉
Good Morning Friends & Family www.mudiit.com

Astrology is not the replacement of real efforts! It is to amplify the focus…

Actually there is Zero Business in this world… Everyone gets paid for their work. (obviously it will include all what is required to do that like the skill, time etc. etc. etc. 🙂
Start from the best shopkeeper in your colony
Move to Best restaurant. Then Go the Best International Brands
Some businesses are highly respectable some are not so 🙂
These all are the work itself.. I worship work 🙏

Almost every alive is contributing best content
to fb darling!
What Next?

क्या करूँ दोस्तों इंजीनियर हूँ
सॉफ्टवेयर से प्यार करता हूँ
अपने सॉफ्टवेयर से भी
और मार्क जी के भी…

I should not be so busy that even not login once
Love you 😍 fb darling

My 8 years daughter is wiser than me…
Whenever we try to make her stop from any of her new venture or activities of her age just to make her focus back on studies.
She Says : “Aap ko koi Problem?” (Do you have any problem?)
I am impressed because this sentence should have been taught in our times also so that we could also lead a peaceful life in our times 🙂
Now at least I do not put any pressure of studies on her because I know its never the quantity but quality matters.

As per current population number of kids have already declined in each home and we should never make a pressure of studies on them & in my other posts I do mention always that actually there is no competition everyone gets there own score.

To me now if asking me my score of 3rd standard rather I should have enjoyed more that time in my childhood was a better option but no one actually told me how to speak this sentence “Aap ko koi Problem?”

And being a eldest son I know how hard it is here where Sons are considered as Mard(Man) & you should not have no pain & imagine what it is like if you are the eldest and lion dad can curb you anytime without you being knowing the reason. And even when you grow its tougher to make a good setting of Life for a son.
Anyways I hope you enjoy reading.

6 years ago Dad & Daughter in Jaipur zoo!


Employee: Boss, from tomorrow, I will go home at 6 pm sharp daily.

Boss: why, what happened ?

Emp: Salary is not sufficient for me. I want to drive rickshaw at night. I have to support my family.

Boss: Ok then, but if you feel hungry in the night, come to Chembur naka.

I sell pakode there.
(from a secret group in fb)
Welcome to startupmindz.com

We salute Rabindranath Tagore 🙏


If you start to be Rich
Then you may or may not
If you start to be a mission
Definitely you will… startupmindz.com

Actually One who starts with wholeheartedness💝
He take cares the Rest…

I have not forgot my single day in IBM… Very easy for me to replicate the same… But I will try to be even better. 🙏

I don’t know till how many more years my Life is… BUT my started company #TopologyPro 😍 will be like IBM… Will be here in this world even on your next rebirths 🙂

You never get Claps
when you loose & many Big hands when you Win
So Share your awards with those who cared even when you loosed.

Someone very dear taunted yesterday… 🙂
People have made Rs.100 out of Rs.1
I don’t say it is not correct But I will need any of these
1) Time machine to go back in 1947 sort of History
2) Richter scale sort of to measure the level of this talk
Else I am ready for 1 Lakh from my side today provided you make it 1 Crore.
Baat hi Karni aati Hai Duniya ko kya ?

Get Married with a College Lecturer &
Remain Student forever 🙂
Pass or Fail is part of the game!

You never get Claps
when you loose & many Big hands when you Win
So Share your awards with those who cared even when you loosed.

सारा काम टोपोलोजीप्रो से करवाते हो
ad गूगल पर करवाते हो …
This much you love shotu ? 💘
आइंदा ऐसा नहीं चले गा

किसी ने किसी के बारे में पूछा
“बंदा कैसा है ?”
हम ने भी कह दिया बंदा तो अच्छा है ✍️
हालातों का कुछ कह नहीं सकते ….

Just for more PR my organization asked another for write up on New Success Story & they refused.
saying that We Know Mudit ji… its not New 🙂

लोगों के वाक्यात सुनकर जो १% कमी आयी थी जो मोदी जी के आशीर्वाद में …
पूरी कर दी इस बेखौफियत ने जो इस जंग में भी बरकरार है कह कर एक मित्र ने
राष्ट्र पिता को तो असल ज़िन्दगी में देखा नहीं…
टीचर जी अगर एक नंबर कम लगाने हो लगा लेना इम्तिहान में
अब से मोदी जी ही मेरे राष्ट्र पिता है 🙏

वो कागज़ को नोट समझते थे
वो नोटेबंदी में हार गए
हमने अपने गुरु के इंतज़ार में
ब्लॉग में नोट लिख डाले….

किसी ने खूब कहा था
थर्ड वर्ल्ड वॉर ईस ऑन इंटरनेट
हार गया वो जिसने पैसे वाले सिपाही खड़े किऐ थे
जीत गए हम गुरुओं की शिक्षा और दुआओं से 🙏

I hope you enjoy reading- Mudit Gupta

Trying to impress me?



A new Business contact trying to impress me saying that He will come to meet me in Amritsar & He will be staying in Holiday Inn and I can come down there to meet him. Do you think I am impressed ? Never…. Boss Holiday Inn sort of names are good to impress a local businessman & not the one who already doing International Business. Simply he could have come down to my place I would have been more happy 🙂

Last week in mind

Kanha ji looking so sweet today 😍😘
Jai Sai sarkar 🙏


Too chill … Just arrived 


When I was younger I was desperate about One Seat….& Now He gave me as many seats in offices as many clients & partners worldwide.
Please God Bless us all 🙏    

About 3 Years ago.. from my Blog. 
I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

Earlier it seemed to me that… we all here are hired by facebook darling 🙂 to help it generate revenue 👍 Waiting for my salary

Good Morning friends & family … Ram Ram ji
I do buy balloons from roadside sellers, coz I know how it feels like with no sales in a day 😘👍
Please God Bless us all 🙏


I do Vote … But will not join any political party (I do have a secret offer) as of now coz some may name my hard earned business money to be of other nature. 🌟🌿☘️


Your Salary is in hands of your Employers
Your Business is in hands of The Almighty
Am better paid by Him
Jai Mata Di 🙏🙏

We have both 🙂
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Even to start your tank you need to do effort

am impressed by this ford’s add 👍

There were many to misguide me in business earlier…Now there are so many to guide me 😎

I have burnt my fingers many times in business so now I diffuse any ill willed bomb type people & revert to its source forever 😎

I swear I don’t trust anyone except God because I have seen many odd days. Even you.. you.. anyone !!

You may be Prime Minister of your country
I am the CEO of my Company…😎

I learnt from a cousin…He replied to my question that The Best Car is whichever you own & drive & not the Car of your dreams!

आपका स्टार्टअप आप को बंदा ना बना दे तो बात करना 😎

My Guys Respect me coz if they work for 8 hours.. I work for 18 hours.. If they know software I know its grandmother also 😎

From 16 years..1000 baar hara hoon…Kabhi khali nahin aaya hoon.. har baar haraney waley ke davpech seekh ke aaya hun…😎

च्छा किया फेसबुक बना कर किसीने पहले मेरे को चुप्प पसंद थी और वो सोचते रहे वो ही वो हैं … 🙂

दो दशक सुना हूँ कैसे बता दूँ दो दिन में
राधे राधे 🌟🙏
I hope you are Enjoying reading!

B & b of Business

Now I worry less about Big investments for my businesses in future because my own close connections work in Bank of America, HDFC & other Big banks.. & Many other stand individually with me 🙂
Please God Bless us All 🙏


Today’s Scene in General 🙂
जो दे उसका B भला
जो ना दे उसका b भला
Obviously B is capital for जो दे 👍





My Readers … I hope you enjoy reading 🙂