Cheers to 5 Years! 🎂

Today on this 23rd July! We Completed 5 Years of #TopologyPro officially 😊Today on this 23rd July! Thanks to God, Thanks to My Family & Friends, Thanks to my wife Vanita Gupta Thanks to My Parents. Thanks to my brothers & sisters. Thanks to my daughter. Thanks to my In Laws. Thanks to my team members, Thanks to my Partners, Thanks to my clients. Thanks to my vendors. Thanks to my advertisers. Thanks to Facebook Darling, Thanks to my Previous companies, managers & colleagues. Thanks to locations providers. Thanks to Amma. Thanks to my banks & Financers. Thanks to all Nations & their Governments.Thanks to my all Internet Providers. Thanks to my all associates. Thanks to readers on my blogs. Thanks to my Motivators. Thanks to my Astrologers.
Thanks to everyone who have participated in my life in these 5 years & that of #TopologyPro. It has always been so easy with all of you’s contribution. Thanks to Everyone. 🙏







Story of Lalas(Hindi)


स्टोरी ऑफ़ Lalas(Businessmen)…

पहले लाले कम पढ़े लिखे थे
बेचारों को पढ़े लिखे ना होने की वजह से बहुत मार पड़ती थी

दूसरे लाले पढ़ लिख गए
मार कम हुई पर पढ़े लिखे के साथ हंडे हुओं से मार पड़ती थी

तीसरे लाले पढ़े भी और हंडे भी
मार ना पड़ने से बहुत आराम था

चौथे लाले पढ़े भी, हंडे भी, कुरे भी , ज़लील भी हुए , पके भी वगैरा वगैरा
और कई अपने से भी बढ़िया देश विदेश से अपने साथ कर लिए
अब वो अक्सर चैन से जीते हैं 🙏

Moral of the Story : Lalas should keep moving!


Herbal Pey

My new Love Divya Herbal Pey.
Celebrating 15 days of togetherness 😍😘😚


Friends and family no need to worry
I always carry my tea bags with me and even for you when I visit you 😊

Sohan Papdi

#FunDose #EntertainmentPurposesOnly

Some employees are Like Sohan Papdi..Otherwise very good & sweet but you cannot keep them outside for longtime!

Means Zyada Hawa lag gayi to samjho kharabh ho gaye :)