New temple at our home

He knows it is not that safe to visit His temple daily due to pandemic, so He gave us His beautiful new temple inside our home, well before His Birthday on Janamashtmi

Birthday on Janamashtmi 😍
Om Sai Ram πŸ™
Thanks a tonn to God πŸ™
Love & Regards 🌹
Mudiit Gupta πŸ’•

Love with tough ones

I am in Love with tough ones !!Let me tell you today, when I have very tough days I always remember my tough bosses, they have trained me so well… Be it IBM, Infosys or Vaibhav Global. Their position they hold for me in my life is just next to my father(he is also very tough and strict), so I am used to toughness.

A simple incidence as an example to state that a new additional current account in a nationalized bank took 3 weeks time, We needed it near our place in Amritsar so that we can operate it easily in case we need to visit to bank, But there were about a dozen of objections from their head quarters in Panchkula, every time we solved a objection after 2 days there was a new objection and we visited bank for about 8 times for this. But Lastly I got news today that Yes our new current account is ready today πŸ™‚

My God Always gave me every thing tough but he gives me courage and a promise that my work will be complete. Thanks God Om Sai Ram πŸ™