Business at a war level

Business at a war level – is not about supplying arms or ammunition by any party to other but it is all about being putting the best efforts to enlarge the magnitude or to accelerate the growth of any business. Let us suppose you have a neighboring shop which is doing very good for example you have a general store and exact opposite to it an Easy Day(Retails chain of Bharti Enterprises in India)  & what if you are owning that general store ?

So couple of question arises that do you as a shopkeeper are enough to generate more leads out of the same footfall in your locations or will you start adopting strategies Like

  1. Increasing your overall effort like restructuring the design of your shop to attract more footfall of your area.
  2. Increasing the number of goods and services you are selling to fulfill the needs of more customers to compensate the diversion which may arise towards new retail chain opening.
  3. Increase your investment to establish your online store to cover up the loss which may in turn bring you more customers from even distant places.
  4. Increasing the awareness among the residents of your area and even adjoining areas by your marketing efforts.

Many times it seems very easy that you at the top level even when you are running a local businesses like shops or showrooms but really saying the business has become more tricky and you need to understand the actual outcomes before you even launch any of your steps above.

We at #TopologyPro can be helpful in understanding your businesses to scale and can let you make things feel easy at your level. Let the war begin inside your mind that you need to win each and every hurdle you face in this modernizing economical methods to reach the best potential of your businesses.


Best Regards

Mudit Gupta 

Founder, CEO & Coach @ TopologyPro 

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कहानी ज़यादा पुराणी नहीं

एक समय की बात है मैं जा रहा था एक रास्ते पर अपनी गाड़ी पर, रास्ते में क्या देखता हूँ की एक देवी का मंदिर था वह देवी अपने मंदिर के बहार की बिजली को ठीक करवा रही थी, जैसे ही उसने मेरी तरफ देखा मेरी गाड़ी की रफ़्तार और बढ़ गयी , शायद उसे ऐसा लगा की क्यूं न इसी से ऐसे काम करवा लिए जाऐ परन्तु मेरे आत्मा नहीं मानी, मेरा मानना यह था की अब जब ईश्वर ने मुझे कंपनियां दी है तो मैं अपने फ़र्ज़ से परे हट कर अगर ऐसा काम करूँ गा तो मेरे धरम में चाहे कुछ बढ़त हो और पैसा भी अधिक मिले पर मैं कृष्णा जी आगे झूठला जाऊँ गा जिन्हों ने कर्म को ज़्यादा बतलाया है 🙏

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Warm Regards

Mudit Gupta

Students & Paymasters

I am not interested to know anyone’s personal Income & assets But as a Coach I just want to help aspiring candidates that whenever I receive a call from you guys saying that we are students and when you say that we want to work with TopologyPro I feel privileged and my love for you and to help you in your career comes as first point in my sight. Rather when students from our very nearby locations calls and their phone call land on my cell number in INDIA. Now it seems Like we are very near to reach the social advancements like in USA where everyone above certain age limit must work. I also worked in my college days to reach at a position what most people sought of in their career.

Believe me if there is any truth for any entrepreneur saying that he will call you he will and if he says that he will refer you he will. Every company is full of enthusiasm and the founders always want to pay to its company’s associates as the maximum and want to be Paymasters.

Obviously we all know that we all want to settle for Best. But the thing is Like Rome even any company is not built in a day and we the founders keep on planning & improving for our Best Versions to be best of us for the society. We also work for the smiles like you 🙂