Business Developer over Software Developer

Choose to be a Business Developer than to be a software developer in your career if at the same time you are getting offers to become both… because sooner or later you will understand that software are just a part of any game and business is the actual game for which these are meant for!

Don’t go for the relatively easy one and the one which seems to be more corporate and alluring where you have decent office and nice automatic hydraulic pressure monitored modular seats and furniture (they are just of few thousand rupees), they are all there to feel yourself more comfortable so that you get attached to your work and you love doing it like every now software folks like me start their career, be a Man and be solid to be used to go in markets and meet people and develop business and bring food for your companies that is bringing new projects and making sales happen. First one will be good for many initial years but mind it that if you get used to it you will not be able to do the second in case you need any time.

Be a Man Like Modi Ji & see his strengths at his age, (my not getting funding is just a very small issue for him if ever I get chance to meet & ask him so) But overall he is so active which if me and you can retain this much of managing, travelling and working strength at his age seems to be a miracle.

In my initial days of starting my own I always regretted that though I worked with so skilled hi tech managers in my career earlier but used to cry that what was it could I was more into direct business development would have been of great help while I started my own for which I used to study all nights through other people blogs, courses and books every time.

This month calendar from My Project Desk

This month calendar from My Offline Project Desk

Consider and take note of all such aspects when you start planning for your own startups otherwise growing is very painful process and the toughest when it come to making sales.


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